Fast Touring

Sea Phantom Touring

The Sea Shuttle


High speed excursion boats getting you to exotic destinations and back with plenty of time to see more and do more before your cruise ship sets sail to the next destination

Our Fast Touring Fleet

Comfortable Captain’s Chairs and other passenger amenities provide a safe, fast and comfortable shuttle helping to provide the fast getaway that their great escape may require.

Our Fast Touring Innovations

Intracoastal Travel Networks (ITN)

Intracoastal Travel Networks would provide shuttle services for the world’s cruise lines, enabling them to provide check-ins while at sea, allowing our operating partners to offer a true hotel at sea revenue model – expanding their market to include younger cruisers who often can’t find the time to enjoy the traditional longer cruise. In addition, such a network would greatly expand both the number of destinations and excursions the line could offer to further expand its market.

The Fast Touring Market

The cruise market enjoyed steady growth through the global recent recession , with ships and revenue both growing considerably each year..

Our Fast Touring Edge

Most excursions consume a morning and afternoon hour of their precious time in transferring to locations for increasingly popular destinations. Using the same “magic hour”, Seaphantoms provide our operating partners with the ability to greatly enhance their excursion/destination offering due to its ability to transport passengers as far as 120miles away during that same allotted time at an affordable extra cost.

Our Fast Touring Impact

Employing Intracoastal Travel Networks allows our operating partners to completely rethink their business model, with greater expansion and scheduling flexibility that will enhance future profits – especially given the trend to ever-larger cruise ships serving ports that passengers will undoubtedly find to be too crowded without excursion solutions such as Seaphantom.