Fast Response

Sea Phantom Response

Sea Phantom Response


High speed Coast Guard vessels with range beyond any search and rescue helicopter and speed beyond any maritime craft rescuing victims who might otherwise disappear beneath the waves.

Our Fast Response Fleet

Seaphantoms configured with strategic partner Reson’s sonar systems, SPI offers its operating partners the ultimate in high speed, long range interdiction craft. Configured with hyperbaric chambers and drones, Seaphantoms offer one of the greatest search and rescue vessels available in the world today.

Our Fast Response Innovations

Intracoastal Fast Response Networks (IRN)

By creating Intracoastal Response Networks (IRN), SPI provides its operating partners with a wide range of high speed capabilities in port and oil field security. In addition, such networks provide much faster search and rescue capabilities as well as smuggling, poaching and other coastal interdiction.

The Fast Response Market

Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) are the largest segment of the global maritime security market by hull volume including defense. Worldwide terrorist threats and international drug and people trafficking requires that our operating partners exercise ever more vigilance along the world’s coastlines. In addition to global threats, search and rescue remains a constant mission for both civil and military missions with the ever increasing use of the world’s seas.

Our Fast Response Edge

As with the Offshore Services market, the two primary responders are boats and helicopters, both of which pale in comparison to Seaphantoms in terms of safety, speed, range, fuel efficiency, carbon emissions, capital cost and operating costs.

Our Fast Response Impact

Coastal fast response networks offer solutions to our operating partners that can easily make the difference between interdiction and disaster. Deploying comparatively inexpensive Seaphantoms 40 miles apart would give an array of vessels with a time to target factor of 10 minutes, e.g. 25 vessels could guard a 1,000 mile coastline with 10 minute time to target..