Fast Freight

Sea Phantom Express

Sea Phantom Express


High speed freighters carrying time-sensitive loads from coastal business districts or produce centers to airport cargo terminals in a fraction of the time as express freight trucks.

Our Fast Freight Fleet

SPI allows its operating partners to offer a maritime complement to the ubiquitous array of trucks deployed for their land-based operations. SPI can deploy an array of containers identical to those already in use by the operating companies, eg A1N containers. With identical profile containers moving across roller floors mounted in the Seaphantoms, intermodal exchanges can be fast and efficient.

Our Fast Freight Innovations

Intracoastal Fast Freight Networks (IXN)

Combined with a new array of inexpensive SPI “mini-ports”, SPI operating partners will be able to offer the industry intracoastal freight networks that will dramatically reduce the rising congestion and pollution that currently threaten the future of both domestic and international trade.

With governments around the world actively supporting various “Marine Highway” programs, the opportunity could not be better to provide the Seaphantom/IXN solution to shippers in an attempt to move freight from coastal highways and rails to the unfettered waterways lying just offshore.

The Fast Freight Market

The “Fast Freight” business is the fastest growing segment of the freight market with the Asia market experiencing exponential expansion. Given the nature of much of the terrain in emerging markets such as Asia and Latin America, a high speed maritime solution will be essential to its future prosperity.

Our Fast Freight Edge

With the majority of the world’s population within an hour’s drive of a coastline, our operating partners’ ability to use Seaphantoms to transport parcels and perishable freight at higher than freeway speeds enables them to dramatically increase the speed, routes and flexibility to their deliveries while reducing emissions and operating costs.

Our Fast Freight Impact

Intracoastal express networks ensure greater accessibility to potential shippers, expanding the market by offering lower costs to the already fastest rising segment of the freight industry.