National Defense

National Defense (P2)

National Defense (P2)


High speed stealthy naval vessels capable of multiple missions ranging from detecting, reporting and interdicting any littoral terrorist or enemy threat to transporting special forces under cover of darkness.

Our National Defense Fleet

High speed low cost Seaphantoms with various arrays of sensors offer our operating partners the fastest and cheapest solutions for the entire spectrum of Command, Control, Computers, Surveillance, Intelligence and Reconnaissance (C4SIR) solutions.

Our National Defense Innovations

Intracoastal Defense Networks (IDN)

Due to the Seaphantoms high speed, time on station and long range capabilities, littoral defense networks could be established relatively inexpensively along the entire coastline of the US.

Co-located roughly every 40 miles at ports of the proposed US Intracoastal Shipping Network, Seaphantoms would provide a picket line with 10 minute Time To Target at distance up to 300 miles offshore, depending on sea states and weather conditions similar to those restricting helicopters and other vessels.

With 200 ports to choose from, co-located bases could be easily adapted or rotated depending on any given mission profile or situation.

The National Defense Market

Expected cuts in defense spending mean that programs, systems and missions will be more focused on cost effective solutions. One primary area will be in fuel efficiency, with the US military the largest consumer of oil in the US – and the largest carbon emissions.

Our National Defense Edge

Operating partners in the Defense industry find that beyond the mission capabilities the Seaphantom possesses in terms of speed, stealth, range, and overall C4SIR capabilities, our ground effect design allows us to be the most fuel efficient vessel on water. .

Our National Defense Impact

In addition to capabilities useful to Special Operations, Seaphantoms could be deployed throughout an Intracoastal Defense Network that would enable our operating partners to provide fast response to any maritime terrorist or military threat along the entire US coastline or elsewhere for a fraction of any alternative program.