Edge: Fast Touring

The Edge: Fast Touring

The Fast Touring Edge

Our Hundred Mile Horizon

THE HUNDRED MILE HORIZON illustrates the wide range of excursions and/or add-on destinations that Seaphantoms can transport “cruisers” in the first hour after arriving in port. This capability greatly enhances and expands the offerings Cruise Lines have to attract repeat “cruisers” as well as first-timers, proving that “The Key To A Great Escape Is A Fast Getaway.”

Bigger Boats, Fewer Options

New technologies have enabled cruise lines to build vessels capable of carrying of 3-4,000 passengers, with economies of scale found in these larger vessels helping the bottom line.

However, market surveys show increasing dissatisfaction among passengers themselves with the increasing crowds they encounter both on board and in port, diminishing the experience and threatening the future growth of the industry.

The solution Seaphantom offers to this problem is the ability to quickly disburse cruisers to more distant destinations and/or excursions, as far from the madding crowds as the cruiser decides to go with what we call the Hundred Mile Horizon.

Our “Fast Getaways” Program

The Hundred Mile Horizon. With Seaphantom’s game-changing speed, cruise lines have the ability to expand their excursion options to include less congested shopping and cultural areas, snorkeling beaches and scuba diving sites.

For example, traditional dive boats operating at 10mph can offer sites within a 10 mile radius of a port in the first hour after docking; operating at 120mph, Seaphantoms can exponentially expand the sites available to scuba enthusiasts.

An array of 20 port or vessel based SP72 Seaphantoms can transport 1,000 passengers per cycle, with guests going shorter distance capable of running with greater frequency e.g. 2,000 pax could be transported up to 30 miles within an hour or 4,000 within 15 miles.

Dive Boat

Our “Anchors Away” Program

Cruise ships will now be able to anchor at sea, avoiding expensive port fees while instead acting as true floating hotels while functioning as portable travel hubs. Our operating partners will be able to deploy Seaphantoms along Intracoastal Getaway Networks capable of transporting passengers to their desired destinations 120 miles from their anchorage. In addition, the networks could provide Seaphantom shuttle services delivering new shorter stay passengers to ships already underway.

The Packed Port Problem>

Crowded Nassau Port

The success of the cruise industry and its concomitant expansion could soon become its worst nightmare. The above harbor in Nassau, The Bahamas illustrates the problem: with several cruise ships in port at the same time, passenger totals of 3-6000 pax/ship may soon plague paradise with ever increasing congestion on the beaches, in the water and in the marketplace.

1Allure of the Seas (2010)5,400/6,360
2Oasis of the Seas (2009)5,400/6,360
3Norwegian Epic (2010)4,100/5,183
4Freedom of the Seas (2006)3,634/4,375
5Liberty of the Seas (2007)3,634/4,375
6Independence of the Seas (2008)3,634/4,375
7Queen Mary 2 (2004)2,592/3,090
8MSC Divina (2012)3,502/4,345
9Navigator of the Seas (2002)3,114/3,807
10Mariner of the Seas (2003)3,114/3,807
11MSC Fantasia (2008)3,274/3,900
12MSC Splendida (2009)3,274/3,900
13Explorer of the Seas (2000)3,114/3,840
14Voyager of the Seas (1999)3,114/3,840
15Adventure of the Seas (2001)3,114/3,807
16Disney Fantasy (2012)2,500/4,000
17Disney Dream (2011)2,500/4,000
18Carnival Breeze (2012)3,690/4,724
19Carnival Dream (2009)3,646/4,631
20Carnival Magic (2011)3,690/4,724
21Celebrity Reflection (2012)3,046/N/A
22Celebrity Silhouette (2011)2,886/N/A
FAST TOURING : Top Destinations
RankDestinationBed Days
6Mexico (West)3.513.27
8Australia/New Zealand/S Pacific2.902.70
9Trans Canal2.692.50
10South America2.602.40