Academy of Maritime Flight

The Academy

The Academy of Maritime Flight

Academy of Maritime Flight

SPI’s Academy of Maritime Flight trains and certifies pilots, attendants, mechanics and manufacturing personnel who wish to become certified members of the Sea Phantom Operations Team.

Sea Phantom Operations Team

Academy of Maritime Flight

Training & Certification

With SAFETY being our number one priority, SPI not only strives to ensure that our vessels are in top shape at all times, but that our crew members are as well. As a consequence, we require all of our Sea Phantom Operations Team (SPOT) to be trained and certified at our US Coast Guard approved Academy of Maritime Flight.

Additional Training

All Pilots and Attendants will be trained and certified in water rescue, lifesaving and EMT techniques as well.


Each Pilot and Attendant will be trained to operate the entire line of Seaphantoms and be able to be assigned to any of our commercial lines of business anywhere in the world. NOTE: Bilingual skills will be required in many areas of operation.


SPI embraces an open door policy to any and all qualified men and women to join our SPOT crew. Some college is preferred but not required. The only restrictions imposed on student eligibility is fitness for the particular duty, e.g. pilots and attendants must be physically capable of performing duties associated with maintaining our high operational and safety standards.

Pilots with previous commercial or military aviation experience will find tremendous new opportunities and better pay in their careers with SPI. We also welcome students with previous with experience in the Coast Guard, especially those involved with safety procedures.


The program will take 3 months and must be passed successfully To become a certified Seaphantom crew member Tuition for Pilots is $20,000 with An additional $700 to be spent on books, software and uniform. Uniforms are the actual one that will be used upon graduation into rotation at one of our ports.

Financial Aid

Financial aid solutions will be available to all students regardless of training program, ie, pilots, attendants, mechanics and key manufacturing personnel. In many cases, tuition may be deferred and repaid as part of subsequent employment compensation