Sea States

The Seaphantom: Sea States

sea states

While we plan on operating in top 1,500 of the world’s 32,000 ports, we recognize there will be times and places where sea states will hinder our ability to operate in a safe/timely fashion, i.e, average waves above 8-10 ft. (2.4-3.0 m)

Using maps provided by NOAA and others, we will identify areas where this will be the case. Without examining potential routes in detail, we currently calculate in our projections that a worst case scenario of 10% of any global market will be unavailable due to adverse sea conditions .

Wave HEight

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Wave Height

wing in ground effect
see “How Do Airplane Wings Really Work”

The University of Adelaide(AU) School of Mechanical Engineering conducted an exhaustive study on the viability of Wing In Ground Effect Vehicles. The results of this study were reported as follows:


The benefits of the wing in ground effect have been known and exploited for many years. Yet the dangers and perceived risks of wing in ground flight have held back the design and evolution of WIG craft over many decades. To this day there is relatively little government funding into research and development of WIG craft.

Previous developments in WIG craft design have been largely problematic and plagued with accidents, yet the accomplishments that have been made have shown that the WIG effect has great potential and that WIG craft can be designed for practical applications. The ability to have the speed of a plane with the payload of a boat has the potential to revolutionise society’s means of cargo transport, while the recreational potential of WIG craft remains appealing to many.

Despite the troublesome development history of WIG craft and consequent withdrawal of large scale funding, great interest still exists in many aeronautical enthusiasts and academics, who continue to work in order make WIG craft performance acceptable so that they may one day become commercially feasible and successful.