The View From The Bridge

On behalf of the entire crew here at Sea Phantom International we’d like to welcome you aboard.

When I was a boy I would take my bike and go ‘splorin’. Thanks to some very understanding parents and nudging from my crazy Uncle Bill, my curiosity grew by leaps and bounds compelling me to venture onward and upward. That search for “undiscovered countries” never abated and has led me to a life of tremendous discoveries, both worldly and spiritual.

It is with that spirit I partnered with my brother from another mother David Borman and together with our families we have embarked on the greatest adventure of our lives. This site is our way of enabling everyone to share in this great adventure and hope you all accept our invitation to come ‘splorin’ with us online and in life!


Captain Zeno

Supermodel Boards Phantom!

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Famed supermodel Omahyra Mota came by for a photo shoot for Intersection Magazine after the release of X-Men: The Last Stand where she played the role of Arclight.

Mick Schneider

March 12, 2013 7:03 am

SPI lost a great man, friend and team mate last Valentine’s Day with the tragic death of famed financial genius Mick Schneider. Mick met with our seven person finance team every Wednesday at his favorite Italian restaurant where he guided the group above and beyond what the job called for.

Mick had fallen off a step ladder in his office, hitting his head hard in the process. But In typical Mick fashion, he still managed to command the paramedics taking him to the hospital in his own inimitable way. No one ever thought this larger than life character would be down for more than a few days.

We were all astonished to learn that the blow was more severe than anyone had ever imagined, with it ultimately costing him and us his life on Valentine’s Day.

Irreplaceable, we will always carry him in out hearts and minds. He will be so very, very missed.

Dr. Patrick Dixon

January 28, 2013 4:29 am

SPI welcomes famed European futurist to our Advisory Team. The London Times has recognized Dr. Dixon as one of Europe’s Top 20 Most Influential Business Consultants. You can see a video of his (and our) views on the future of shipping on our The Edge: Fast Shipping page.

Cool Planet!

January 17, 2013 10:18 pm

SPI welcomes aboard its new strategic partner, Cool Planet. Cool Planet manufactures negative carbon gasoline in line with our environmental goals. This amazing new fuel actually REMOVES CO2 from the atmosphere. How cool is that!