The Keys To The Future

Environmental Innovations

Pollution Solutions

Researchers at Penn State have found there is a growing recognition among private companies that reducing freight-related GHG emissions can also drive improvement in efficiency and competitiveness. However, to achieve long-term benefits of costs and customer services along with environmental sustainability, a strategic shift is required. Strategies may involve a shift in supply chain configuration, re-locating manufacturing sites and warehouses, modifying a company’s governance and control systems, and strengthening employee training programs.

Governmental (EU) Innovations

The Marco Polo Programme

The European Union’s (EU) Marco Polo Program funds coastal shipping through its Motorways of the Sea grant program. The entire intermodal program, which includes rail, aims to remove the equivalent of 700,000 trucks per year between Paris and Berlin, or 74.4 billion tons of freight per mile, which in turn will reduce congestion and emissions, while improving throughput and reliability.

Governmental (US) Innovations

Marine Highways

Coastal shipping, short sea shipping and America’s Marine Highway are all terms that describe waterborne freight that is transported without crossing a major ocean or leaving a continent. According to the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD), coastal shipping reduces the infrastructure constraints of clogged highways, which in turn curtails the need for expensive bridge retrofits, road expansion and additional highway safety funding.

International Transport Forum

Seamless Transport

The International Transport Forum brings together 54 member countries with the aim to advance the global transport policy agenda, and ensure that it continues to contribute to sustainable development, prosperity, social inclusion and the protection of human life and well-being. It works to facilitate the exchange of information internationally and to improve the capacity for decision making in member countries.

Technological Innovations

The Seaphantom

With a hull design based on a NASA lifting body – the same concept that led to the Space Shuttle – Seaphantom is one of the foremost disruptive technologies in the world, nominated by the International Academy of Sciences’ for its prestigious Outstanding Technology of the Year Award.

Logistical Innovations

Intra Coastal Networks

A network of relative low cost mini, midi and mega ports distributed throughout the world’s coastlines could be implemented to create the kind of seismic shift in global logistics as proscribed by the Penn State study mentioned above (Environmental Innovations). However, this scenario can only come about with the deployment of a “swarm” of very fast, relatively low cost marine transport solution such as The Seaphantom.