An Executive Summary

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide the multi-billion dollar missing link in the maritime transportation supply chain. SPI’s expert management team plans to create joint ventures with transport industry leaders in bringing to market one of the greatest advances in maritime history.

Our Vision


SPI will be taking its proven, massively disruptive technology/innovation to the trillion dollar global logistics market. By offering transport solutions that are faster, better and cheaper than anything in modern maritime history, we hope to lower shipping and travel costs with innovative concepts that, in addition, will substantially reduce congestion, pollution and infrastructure costs while providing newfound paths to prosperity along the world’s coastlines.

The Company


SEA PHANTOM INTERNATIONAL, INC. (SPI) is a privately held Delaware “C” corporation with operations in California and Florida. SPI owns the exclusive worldwide sales, marketing and distribution rights to renowned offshore racing designer David Borman’s Seaphantom, the fastest, safest and most sustainable transport vessel in the world. Having successfully designed, built and tested three prototypes, SPI will be seeking funding from qualified sources to finance its move into commercial marketing and production.

Our Social Responsibility


Given this unique opportunity to bring our massively disruptive technology to the world market, we have decided to look for equally unique ways to build the enterprise beyond just our traditional operating partners. Inspired by sustainability initiatives at Walmart et al to leverage their global power into creating a better world, we hope to follow suit by teaming up with like-minded social/venture philanthropists and organizations such as the Clinton Global Initiative, Warren Buffet’s “giving Pledge”, Forbes 400 Summit On Philanthropy, Singularity University etc.

The Seaphantom


The Seaphantom fleet will be the fastest in the world, capable of speeds up to 150mph (241kph/130 kts) with an average cruise speed of 120mph (193kph/104 kts). We can carry up to 50 passengers on our ferries and as much as 4 twenty foot containers (TEUs) on our fast cargo vessels. Varying in lengths from 38-90 ft (11.58-27.43 m), the fleet will employs a modular design allowing it to provide safe, comfortable and sustainable fuel efficient solutions for the fast ferry, fast freight, fast offshore services, fast response, fast shipping, fast touring and national defense markets. The low capital and operating cost along with The Seaphantom’s high speed allows us to move passengers and cargo to an exponentially larger number of ports with a vastly greater number of departure and arrival times.

Our Innovations


Seaphantom’s unique technology combines a lifting body derived from a NASA design with hydrofoil vanes to provide stability. The vehicle flies at very low altitude with minimal contact with the ocean surface. This innovation markedly reduces drag, allowing for significant increases in speed and extraordinarily large propulsion efficiency.

As one of the foremost new disruptive technologies in the world, it has been nominated by the International Academy of Sciences’ for its prestigious Outstanding Technology of the Year Award and has been featured on The Discovery Channel and in a myriad of magazines such as Wired and Popular Science. Combined with innovations in environmental, governmental and logistical approaches, Seaphantom represents the missing piece in achieving a massive leap forward in solving many of the world’s most pressing transportation and ecological problems.

Our Market


Currently, the transportation sector accounts for over one trillion dollars annually in global GDP and is growing. What’s more, over 90% of world trade by volume and 60% by value are transported by sea, making the maritime transport market the single most important factor in global economics. Unfortunately, it also accounts for 1.9% of the greenhouse gases (GHG) that are polluting the world. Nonetheless, the vast size of the market combined with the pressing need to reduce its carbon footprint creates a tremendous opportunity for SPI to bring to market a faster, better, cheaper solution such as Seaphantom.

Our Value Propositions


Strengths. Opportunities. Aspirations. Results.
With its positive and forward thinking approach, SOAR analysis helps us better define and illustrate our value propositions while simultaneously allowing us to develop revolutionary new strategies in light of the massively disruptive technology and innovations that Seaphantom represents.

Our Edge


With its unique design, Seaphantoms offer solutions substantially faster, better and cheaper than any other traditional transport vessel. Consequently, our primary competitive edge doesn’t come in contrast to other boats, but in the value we add to what we hope to be our joint venture partners comprising the Top 100 Operating Companies that dominate the market segments we identify as our seven lines of business.

Our Impact


Although Seaphantom may literally look like a proverbial silver bullet, the vagaries of weather and science dictate that no transport system can provide a single solution to the global problems of congestion, pollution, transport infrastructure and social concerns. Nonetheless, Seaphantom does provide a myriad of near and long term solutions as its substantial impact is felt around the world.