Coos Bay, Oregon

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Coos Bay is an S-shaped inlet where the Coos River enters the Pacific Ocean, approximately 10 miles long and two miles wide, on the Pacific Ocean coast of southwestern Oregon in the United States. The estuary is situated south of the Salmon River. The city of Coos Bay, once named Marshfield, was renamed for the bay and is located on its inner side. The Port of Coos Bay is the largest and deepest port between San Francisco, California and the Columbia River. Mingus Park, northwest of downtown Coos Bay, features a one-mile[20] walking path that circles a pond full of ducks and geese and a Japanese garden. An outdoor swimming pool is available in the summer months.

An 18-hole disc golf course is located in the woods of the north side of the park, and a skatepark is in the southeast portion. In addition, there are swingsets for children in the southwest, and a softball field in the east. The greater Coos Bay area has a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities, including the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, which brings approximately 1.5 million visitors each year.[21] Many visitors explore the 6,000-acre sand dunes on ATVs. The dunes’ popularity has increased tourism in the overall region.