Punta Colonet, Mexico

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Punta Colonet, situated north of San Quintin, Baja California, is one of the most productive agricultural areas in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. Its proximity to Mexican Federal Highway 1 and the United States have spurred the growth of large commercial farming in the area. Punta Colonet is a beautiful, unspoiled area where orchards and farms run right to the ocean’s edge. The point, nearby town, bay, and cape are reputedly named after Captain James Colnett, a British sea captain who explored this section of the Pacific coast in the late 18th century.

There has been tremendous growth in the region over the last five years. There is a proposal to turn the bay, Bahia Colonet, near Punta Colonet, a desolate and sparsely inhabited inlet, into a multi-billion dollar deep water mega-container port able to handle next-generation vessels. The mega-port will cover 30 square kilometers, making it as large as the U.S. ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach combined. The projected multimodal maritime center would make Punta Colonet the largest port in Mexico and the third-largest in the world, after Singapore and Hong Kong. Port operations will require a city of up to 200,000 people. The project will require a new power plant and a desalination plant. The port will also require a 200 mile plus rail line from the Port to reach the United States border and an intermodal facility.