Chautengo, Mexico

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On several occasions, tourists staying at the Mexican resort center of Acapulco wonder if there are other sites near the city. The routine visit to the Pacific coast is usually presented inconvenience. One of the best alternatives for visitors who want to avoid the town is the Laguna de Chautengo, located a little over 100 miles away. Also known as the Laguna de Nexpa, this great body of water has a climate similar to the coastal city while being one of the favorite places for sport fishing enthusiasts.

The freshwater species living in the interior are some of the most sought after in the region. Even fishing tour packages throughout Mexico often include Chautengo Lagoon. Acapulco also integrated into their rides. With a dimension that reaches eight miles from east to west, there are few natural wonders of the region that resemble Chautengo Lagoon. Acapulco boasts other water similar but less rich in flora and fauna. Thanks to its mild climate, this area is busy all year round.