Miami, Florida

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Miami, located on the Atlantic coast at the southern tip of Florida, where outdoor sports are open all seasons and dress is casual, is a melting pot of cultures. Miami and Miami Beach are in effect two distinctly different cities, as Miami Beach is almost exclusively tourist orientated, while Miami is a cosmopolitan city with a distinctly Latin American flavour. Certainly the beaches have an international flair and attract tourists from around the world. This warm and friendly city is certainly one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Also famous for its great architecture such as the dozens of restored buildings of the early 20th century in the Art Deco district of Miami Beach, visitors often find their way around by picking up an audiocassette from the Miami Design Preservation League’s Welcome Centre for a self-guided introduction to the Art Deco Historic District. Don’t miss the South Beach section where fashion designer Gianni Versace lived and died that is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in the world. Interestingly, many signs are in both English and Spanish, especially those near the Latin district known locally as ‘Little Havana’. Delight in the colourful murals, monuments to heroes past and present, and absorb the backdrop of Little Havana’s pulsating music, vibrant storefronts, unique art galleries and quaint restaurants. Be sure to use a good sunscreen as it truly is essential throughout the year. While stated earlier ‘dress is always casual’, be aware that a few higher-class restaurants require jackets and ties, but most do not.