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Expanding Your Horizons


Miniports: Expanding Your Horizons

In addition to being to make use of traditional docks, SPI envisions a new generation of small “miniports” to fully implement the worldwide intracoastal network and routes that Seaphantoms make possible. These miniports would be comprised of terminals and docks that would be easy to construct, inexpensive to finance and quick to build.

Such terminals could be used to function with cruise line private resorts, ferry lines, fast freight stations and military operations.

Sea Phantom Fastports

Using state-of-the-art technology,innovative developer has partnered with SPI to create a series of Instaports, an inexpensive, portable solution for building miniports around the world through our sister company Sea Phantom Fastports.

Comprised of cargo container “offices” and high density polyethylene “drive-on”docks, Instaports are completely portable and relatively inexpensive compared to traditional terminal infrastructure costs.

Container “offices” can be built to the size required for the location with areas for ticketing, customs, waiting and other amenities while drive-on docks would bring passengers directly up the beach to the facility in safety, comfort and ease.

Their secure nature would allow the facility to remain relatively safe during off hours and Seaphantoms themselves could be housed at night inside specially constructed units if necessary.