Mexico & Central America

The Hundred Mile Horizon


The Hundred Mile Horizon

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The Mexican Riviera (a term coined by Princess Cruise Line), extends from Ensenada (California) south through Cabo San Lucas, La Paz and Loreto on the Baja Peninsula, and six ports on the coast of the Gulf of California including Mazatlan and Acapulco (with its famous cliff divers). Tourists enjoy resort life, sports fishing, water sports, dining and night-partying, shopping and sight-seeing, amidst cultural remnants of the old Mexico.

Costa Rica and Panama lie in the volcanic earthquake-prone region of Central America.

This is a tropical region of mountain ranges and jungles bordered by beautiful beaches. Attractions include the remnants of ancient Maya culture. Introduce yourself to the Maya of the present. Learn about their history of art, architecture (pyramids, temples and city design), mathematics and astronomy. The Panama Canal, one of the seven wonders of the modern world, services 40 ships a day, in an 8- to 10-hour journey of 82 km. ‘Panamax’ ships squeeze through with 30 cm to spare either side.