The Hundred Mile Horizon


The Hundred Mile Horizon

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The Baltic Sea has low salinity and a narrow exit to the North Sea. It is open for cruising between May and mid-September (being half-covered by sea ice in winter). Its history extends from Roman and Viking times to becoming the sea graveyard of WWII. The Baltic is surrounded by four Scandinavia states, three small Baltic states, Germany, Poland and Russia. We include in this region the Atlantic sub-Arctic fjord coastline of Norway, volcanic Iceland, and the Faroe Islands and Greenland both of which are within the Kingdom of Denmark.

Cities worth visiting include the Scandinavian capitals of Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. A must see is historic St Petersburg, Russia with the Winter Palace and the art treasures of the Hermitage. All the major cruise lines and small ships visit this region. Cruises sail from the UK, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Oslo and Bergen.

Generally cruises visit either the Baltic Sea states or the North Sea fjord coastline. The latter usually spend 7 nights around the subArctic fjord coast of Norway. Longer cruises reach further north to the Arctic regions of Norway and or include Iceland. If visiting St Petersburg look for an itinerary that gives you one or two nights’ stay to allow for worthwhile onshore tours. Ten nights to subArctic Norway on Azamara Journey will take you deep into four fjords in July 2012. However, you will choose the vessel that suits you, midsize premium luxury, or large ship up to the size of Queen Mary 2. You will also consider which cruise offers the onshore tours that appeal personally. Nautica sails to Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, and circles the UK in July for 21 nights. Cross from Amsterdam to New York via a great selection of subArctic ports on HAL’s Eurodam in August 2012 lasting 16 nights.