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M-70: Ohio Corridor


Ohio Department of Transportation


Illinois DOT, Missouri Chamber of Commerce, Missouri DOT, and
Cape Girardeau Area MAGNET.

Landside Corridor Served


Corridor Description

The M-70 Corridor includes the Ohio, Mississippi, and Missouri Rivers, and
connecting commercial navigation channels, ports, and harbors, from Pittsburgh to
Kansas City. It spans Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri,
connecting to the M-55 Corridor at St. Louis, MO.


This corridor contains major freight truck bottlenecks at numerous points, including Kansas City, St. Louis, Louisville, Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, long haul truck volumes are expected to reach 25,000 per day along major segments by 2035. Similarly, rail congestion is evident in and around Kansas City, St Louis, and several points along the corridor in Ohio.

This Marine Highway corridor has the potential to help alleviate a portion of the congestion from the existing landside routes, while at the same time reducing emissions, conserving energy, improving safety ,and reducing highway maintenance costs. It can also contribute to increased economic and commercial activity in the region by removing barriers to efficient freight transportation.