Fast Offshore Services

Sea Phantom Offshore

Sea Phantom Offshore


High speed personnel transfer boats transforming into dual-role spill containment response, hauling pre-staged booms out to an oil spill before it has the opportunity to grow into an environmental disaster.

Our Fast Offshore Services Fleet

Operating at 12 times the speed of transfer boats and carrying at least twice as many passengers as the largest helicopters in use, our operating partners have safer, faster and cheaper solutions than ever before.

Our Fast Offshore Innovations

Intracoastal Offshore Networks (ION)

By creating Intracoastal Offshore Service Networks, SPI provides a solution that offers both speed and flexibility for personnel transfer as well as fast response for spill containment. Offering more choices in departure points and times can save time and money for both the operators and their employees.

The Fast Offshore Market

With 25% of worldwide oil production produced from 20,000 offshore platforms and rigs, energy companies pay $3 billion a year to service companies to transport the more than 30,000 workers annually.

Our Fast Offshore Edge

The transport of workers to and from platforms has historically been accomplished through the use of low speed boats or expensive helicopters with most transferred by the latter. Unfortunately, both modes remain highly unsafe with fatal casualties occuring every year. Our operating partners benefit from a vessel that is capable of carrying boat loads of personnel at the same speed as the helicopters’ general cruise speed, making Seaphantoms safer, faster, better and cheaper solutions.

Our Fast Offshore Impact

With Seaphantom’s substantial reduced risk, cost and pollution, offshore services leaders forecast that our operating partners could ultimately utilize Seaphantoms for up to 70% of their $3 billion business.