Fast Shipping

Sea Phantom Shipping

The Exocette Express


High speed container craft carrying perishable cargo directly from motherships to large and small ports along the world’s coastlines, avoiding critical delays found in the congested deep water ports of the traditional container ship market.

Our Fast Shipping Fleet

SPI offers its 90ft powerhouse, the Exocette Express. The Exocette can carrying 4 standard twenty foot containers (TEUs) or 2 forty footers (FEUs). With its comparative shallow draft combined with its 120mph speed can operate out of almost any port as well as being transported aboard container ships themselves.

Our Fast Shipping Innovations

Intracoastal Fast Shipping Networks (ISN)

Combined with a new array of inexpensive SPI “mini-ports”, SPI’s operating partners will be able to offer the industry the ability to create intra-coastal freight networks that will dramatically reduce the rising congestion and pollution that currently threaten the future of both domestic and international trade. Putting such networks in place will redistribute the flow to multiple ports, easing landside congestion while reducing costly in-port delays and accompanying harmful emissions. This model affords more frequent yet shorter direct routes, increasing throughput while increasing employment, including many cargo handlers et al who will benefit from shorter commutes.

The Fast Shipping Market

Shipping by sea constitutes the most important factor in world trade, with 90% by volume and 60% by value carried annually by ships. However, the process produces high levels of carbon emissions and speeds remain much the same as that of the 1800′s clipper ship. This latter factor accounts for the largest lost opportunity in the industry, with losses to perishable cargo such as produce estimated to be as high as 40% either in loading, transporting, or unloading.

Our Fast Shipping Edge

Seaphantom’s ability to move both twenty foot (TEU) and forty foot (FEU) cargo containers at high sped and with low draught offers our operating partners a game changing solution to the global problem of ever-larger ships with fewer and fewer ports capable of handling them without extraordinary new infrastructure costs, increasing emissions and massive congestion growing around an out-of-date hub in spoke distribution system.

Our Fast Shipping Impact

By loading/unloading container laden Seaphantoms at sea away from these mega-ports, our operating partners can see their shipments arrive faster and closer to their direct destinations, saving time, expense, fuel and the environment.