The Phantom At Home

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The Phantom At Home

Here are some candid shots of the Seaphantom from around the house in Florida. These particular shots are of Seaphantom III, our third prototype.

This plant in Sarasota Florida served as the birthplace of the Seaphantom while destined to become the East Coast Headquarters of Sea Phantom International. The long white boats seen pictured are the hulls from which our first commercial Seaphantom 54s will be constructed. We’ve also included three shots of the ‘Phantom Chaser’, the chase boat used to track the Phantom’s sea trials.

Here are a few pix of the cabin and cockpit interior. Yes, that’s a TV monitor in the cabin area. And no, despite rumors to the contrary, that’s not the Martian that gave us the plans.

Here are some close ups of the components that give The Phantom its special powers. The Ilmors are primarily used in Indy car racing.

Here’s The Phantom at the prestigious Miami International Boat Show. There were some videos taken here as well that can be found in our Media section. We’re often asked about ‘windows’, and in some of these shots you can clearly see a passenger behind the tinted ‘windows’ that encase The Phantom.