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The US Intracoastal Shipping Network

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Fast Ferries

The world ferry market compares favorably to the airline industry with both seeing over 2 billion passengers per year. However, the average speed of the global ferry fleet hovers just above 5mph – a mere fraction of the Seaphantom’s cruise speed of 120mph. With 80% of the world’s ferries owned by local, state or national governments, our ability to provide substantial capital savings, operating costs, reduced carbon footprint and customer satisfaction should be quite attractive to current operators interested in public/partnerships.

Fast Freight

Using lower cost, high speed Seaphantoms in tandem with their traditional operations, the fast freight market could offer many more departure times and locations as part of their logistical solutions. While potentially yielding billions in additional revenue, their use would enable the partial decentralization of the supply chain, thus lowering congestion and pollution.

Fast Offshore Services

Offshore oil companies need to cut the exorbitant cost of transporting workers to rigs via helicopters while seeking solutions for quicker spill containment. Dual-use Seaphantoms provide a much cheaper alternative in capital cost, operating cost and carbon footprint while providing fast response for evacuation and/or containment.

Fast Response

With greater speed, range, capacity and capability than anything on water, Seaphantoms offer a faster, better, cheaper solution to the coast guard and offshore patrol vessel markets. Equipped with Reson sonars, Seaphantom offers the ultimate in port and oil field/pipeline security, especially against increasing terrorist threats. Beyond the port, an array of 25 Phantoms stationed 40 miles apart provides a coastal defense line 1,000 miles long with Time To Target less than 10 minutes.

Fast Shipping

Seaphantom promises to revolutionize shipping with its 120mph 90ft EXOCETTE freighters. By essentially motorizing cargo containers, the Exocette provides shippers with a game-changing faster, better, cheaper distribution system beginning with the ability to deploy high value, time sensitive cargo and produce from cargo ships while still at sea to a variety of ports along the coastline much closer to their destination, avoiding the costly delays and expense associated with the small number of congested ports capable of handling large and ultra-large vessels.

Fast Touring

The 30 billion dollar cruise industry focuses on expanding itineraries and excursions in its efforts to draw repeat customers and expand its demographics. Seaphantom’s Fast Getaway Program would exponentially enhance both goals while having little effect on operating and capital costs. Deployed in tandem with game changing Seaphantom innovations like mid-cruise bookings and off-port anchorage, the cruise industry would realize greater occupancy and ROI while reducing port fees and fuel costs.

National Defense (P2)

Seaphantom’s unique speed and potential stealth, station-keeping and other classified capabilities allow it to provide faster, better, cheaper solutions to the littoral combat theater, whether deployed as long range combat/control platforms, interceptor craft capable of fast interdiction of Targets of Interest (TOIs), surveillance using onboard or land-based sensors and interceptors or delivery vehicles for special operations. With its modular design, it is capable of being fitted for any mission while being easily configurable for the latest technology.

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