A transportation gap exists today…
and it affects billions.

Ships that carry lots of passengers and freight can’t move fast enough to satisfy the average traveler or shipper; while aircraft, although fast, can’t fly cheaply enough to satisfy anyone.

But what if there were a game-changer? A massively disruptive technology that is faster, better and cheaper than anything available in the world today. Something safe, sustainable and fuel efficient that could travel at helicopter speeds for half the cost.


High speed ferries taking you from city centers to the suburbs along one of the many uncongested marine highways lining the world’s coastlines.

High speed freighters carrying time-sensitive loads from coastal business districts or produce centers to airport cargo terminals in a fraction of the time as gridlocked freight trucks.

High speed personnel transfer boats transforming into dual-role spill containment response, hauling pre-staged booms out to an oil spill before it has the opportunity to grow into an environmental disaster.

High speed Coast Guard vessels with range beyond any search and rescue helicopter and speed beyond any maritime craft rescuing victims who might otherwise disappear beneath the waves.

High speed container craft carrying perishable cargo directly from motherships to large and small ports along the world’s coastlines, avoiding critical delays found in the congested deep water ports of the traditional container ship market.

High speed excursion boats getting you to exotic locations and back with plenty of time to see more and do more before your cruise ship sets sail to its next destination

High speed stealthy naval vessels capable of multiple missions ranging from detecting, reporting and interdicting any littoral terrorist or enemy threat to transporting special forces under cover of darkness.

For a quick overview of what we do, watch the above Discovery Channel clip featuring Seaphantom on an episode of their Next World TV series.